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A quick note on photographing people

On the phone with my mom, she asked, ďwhy donít you post more pictures of people?Ē Well, itís a good question.

I left Los Angeles with the idea of shooting more portraits and people like in the day of Freelander or Winogrand. But when all the other tourists are running around wielding cameras like they were working for National Geographic, I just want to put mine away. I donít want to be a part of that. And they donít really want anything from me. I have a genuine interest in people and other cultures and usually can people watch for hours, but after finding myself a spectacle that is often stared at (a 6í0 tall white girl with blue eyes doesnít really blend in around here), I sympathize with being pointed at as a freak show. And so I donít. Occasionally I shoot from the hip, but that usually doesnít lead to any well framed shots. So I guess the real answer is that I am not comfortable. When I see indigenous women walking around the town square, yes, I want to take a photograph, but they donít want me to. I am not engaging with them, it would be a lens pointed at their face, which they knowingly turn away from, as so many gringos have done before me.

Or they demand money:

Walking through Chivay, Peru in the morning, Scott stopped to take video of sheep being herded through the muddy street. Being a vet there was genuine interest to show the clip to kids at home. When he was spotted holding a camera, the man told the woman to go get money. The woman came over to us and demanded to get paid. We said no, and pretended not to understand Spanish, but the man continued on angrily about how we needed to pay him. If he didnít want a picture, for any reason, then say something, but the matter is we were filming sheep not the older indigenous couple.

I wish I had a picture, but I don't...

It was very unlike the 6yr old girl with her 2mo old llama all dressed up in the town square, knowing she is there for show, knowing I will give her soles in the end. Did I capture that great picture? Not really. Did I get suckered into her cuteness, of course.

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I have asked other women, whom I have bought things from (be it food or goods) and respect their decline to be photographed. I have noticed I tend to crop out faces or snap one when their backs are turned.

This is a morning walk through the market with my iPhone...

Others shove their handmade goods in our face, so I snap away, yet still kindly ask for propina.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Itís been turned into an idea of tourism and not about authentic encounters. So be it out of respect for their customs and not wanting to make spectacle out of their culture or I just donít want to buy into their game, people have not made it to the most photographed list.
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