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Originally Posted by Ramv View Post
Ethanol, (at least in the US) is far more energy intensive and generates more greenhouse gasses than gasoline. If you are looking to decrease GHG, than LNG or CNG (not readily available in motorcycles yet) are the best bet. As far as motocycles go, if this is your primary concern, a KTM twin is probably not your best bet. Lots of small thumpers out there that will get 65 mpg+, which will be a far more substantial reduction in emmissions than using any particular fuel source.

Ethanol is also very expensive in the US right now due to poor corn crops, (which of course is also driving the food costs up).
I don't know if using E85 makes your bike any more eco friendly. Probably just the opposite like you said. Only thing I know is that it's a bit cheaper here.
-RE85 1,07 € / litre, $5,35 / gallon. 85 % ethanol.
-95E10 1,65 € / litre, $8,35 / gallon. 10 % ethanol.
-98E5 1,70 € / litre, $8,61 / gallon. 5 % ethanol.

And maybe I'm more interested about the fact could it be done than any real savings etc.
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