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Uhgh,,, winter. I'm not a fan of it. So I guess that maybe makes me unpatriotic, being a Canadian. But, it gives me time to work on the bike ...

The view from my garage this morning, I didn't even try to go to work:

I kept working on the air box with the "no fine filters" suggestion in my head, I think I'll add a screen to the top to keep the larger pieces of junk out of my air box, but I'm pretty happy with my hand built cover:

Its certainly not perfect but as my friend keeps saying "you're building a dirt bike, it'll get beat to s@#t the first time you really ride it, no need to make it pretty".

Speaking of not pretty, here is the inner side cover:

I tried everything to make those holes smooth. The plastic just wouldn't cooperate. Everything I tried ended up messy and unacceptable. So for now this will stay as is, I may at some point make another aluminum slug and cut the plastic out, but for now I'll leave it as is and see how it works...

I move on to fitting the exhaust I bought, it wasn't easy but its much lighter the the stock piece:

also, heres a little "preview" of the finished product, I got really excited to see the bike like this:

I have a seat concepts seat on the way, but I thew the old one on anyway:

The tank and fairing still need another coat of paint and a good clear coat but, i'm liking the overall look...

I did however run into my first real problem. The electrical. F#@k! I wish I had taken good pictures when I took it all apart. Its a mess and I really don't know how to put it back together. Electronics are probably the thing I'm least comfortable with, I would really appreciate if anyone could post some detailed pics of their wire loom...? please! I have a diagram, but its of little help. Any real world photos or help would be greatly appreciated.
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