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Originally Posted by Pike Bishop View Post
Nice machine, Redprimo.

The 330AB/P is a beast, and cosmetically, at least, yours looks sweet. (Not that there's much you can do to harm those big xformer machines...)

I run a Sync 250 but if I had $850 lying around all lonely and unloved, I'd grab a machine like that in a heartbeat.

Best of luck with it.

(I suspect you already know this, but you'll need a lot more than 50A if you want to run that monster wide-open!)
No worries about the 50A outlet. The torch I have is only rated for 250A but more importantly what I will be fabricating with will be mostly 1/8" or less mild steel. I opted for the big old beast mostly due to such a low price for a plug and play set up with a water cooled torch.

Yesterday I got the +800lb welder off the trailer and moved into its new home, no easy task but not as hard as I thought it was going to be. I hooked up the regulator to the tank that came with it and it looks like I've got 1,400 psi of argon.
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