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Originally Posted by Poweranger View Post
. I do not plan on ever pouring gas down my floor drain so I didn't vent it.

Nobody "Plans" to pour it down the drain but you can imagine the 1001 ways it happens. Also, heavier than air gasses such as propane can leak in your garage and pour themselves down the drain (invisible to you). I recommend a vent. Trapped fumes can linger for a long time and bite you in the ass when you least expect it. I learned this from rebuilding boats.
I never thought about the propane. That would actually be the most likely thing to leak since it is piped in from a large container. I do not store gasoline in there so I didn't really worry about it. Speaking of 1001 ways I know of one. I had a garden tractor get a cracked fuel tank that leaked fuel out on the garden shed floor. Thanks for bringing up the subject. I think I will put a vent on my list of spring projects.
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