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Originally Posted by Otis the Sasquatch View Post
P.O.S. Alert!
Since I can't find the "I Hate This Gun!" thread.
Just a quick heads up. Watch out for the M-1 Carbine variant made by the now-defunct (for good reason) Universal Firearms, especially the "later" ones.

I bought one back in 2001 off a co-worker's Mother after the death of his Father. My fault; she and he knew nothing about guns, and I did no research first. Think I paid $225.

He said it had never been shot, and it looked like it hadn't. Well, 2 weeks later after the 5th round through it....

Pardon the dust. I got pissed off and threw it in the back of the closet, where it's sat ever since. Finally bought a $6 sleeve to store it in. And to add insult to injury, almost NONE of the parts work w/ ANY other M-1!

Oh well, I've got two 20-round mags and two bandoliers of Korean-made ammunition (at a 2001 price), and a few other usable parts. Someday I'll get a REAL M-1.

You are exactly right about the Universal Carbine later models. I have one of the very early ones and love it. With the microgroove barrel it shoots super accurately and I have run 1000s of handloads, including cast bullets through it with no problems. There web sites you listed explains what Universal starting doing to the action rods, etc. to make them fail catastrophically.
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