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Originally Posted by xcflyn View Post

About that hat you owe me Just kidding, looks great!!

Maybe time to nOOb up this thread with some Sailah machining. This should be in Fabrication 001 Copied this from my build thread

Got my stuff back from the waterjet guy.

First the Dong is Done

Fits well, I knew I'd have to grind it where the welds from the tab attach to the frame. No biggie, and the bolts line up great. I'm going to punch some holes in it and hopefully find a good peg position when the new IMS pro pegs arrive. My waterjet guy looks at me when I walked in and said "WTF is that??"

He also made a plate that the fuel pump will bolt to. I had to open up the hole slightly to about 60 mm. I don't use my 4 jaw chuck often but tonight was one of those nights

Here it is bolted to the plate

And the 4" square tubing I'm basing the surge tank from

I need to find a sealant for the threads as they will be exposed to gas, didn't really think that through. Any suggestions? I bought some Loctite No 567 sealant as it was recommended for gasoline.
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