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Looking at buying a bike that was in an accident, what should I look at/for?

I'm a fairly mechanically saavy gal (I used to be a classic car mechanic, but only a bit of work with MC's). I sold my last motorcycle to be with my dad during chemo, and I finally saved up a bit for another bike, but not much.

There's an add nearby of a bike that's for sale, cheap- an early 2000's fz1. The guy has a pleasant manner (he doesn't give me the dumb squid/sketchy dude/CL idiot vibe). It crashed at 30mph when the throttle (or the cruise control that was put in) stuck. He says it doesn't run- but then again, he hasn't tried to start it since the crash. He says it leaked all the oil out of the 'broken stator cover' and there's no oil in the bike. This seems off (stators don't have oil in them?), but he could just be mistaken on where the crack is. I'm not familiar enough with the bike to know what's near it. Needles, the plastics on one side are trashed. bike looks fine otherwise. both tires are fine and hold air.

so..what can I look for? I have a garage where I can work on it; a bit of spare time-and-dime. Is there key points I should really be wary of? things that are HUGE red flags? Honestly, I think this guy just is freaked out after the crash, not a swindler.
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