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This ammo shortage is starting to piss me off. I didnt know how bad it was until a few days ago. Wife and I went to Cabela's because I wanted to buy some 110GR or 148GR WC's for her .38 revolver. None. Ok, i'll just pick up some 90GR 380 Fiocchi's since they have a rounded head and I wanted to try them in the Sig since I think the flat headed ammo is getting stuck on the feed ramp and causing the jamming issue. None. Ok, screw it, i'll go home and order it online. None. Out of stock everywhere. I'm beginning to wonder if it will ever get back to normal.

If there was any positive to the trip though, is that I got to check out the Springfield XDS .45 a little. I would love to shoot it as i'm looking for a compact .45 now that I dont trust the Sig P238. Eh, i'll do some more homework.
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