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Day 9 Fairbanks

June 24

Slept great that night, Parrish pulled the windshield out of no where for his GS, some epoxy & some tiestraps later, he had a windshield again, rode the end section of the Ak hwy & headed towards Faribanks. Drove right by North Pole,Ak & the big Santa statue, nothing special there, the name was just to get companies to locate there. Remember we were riding right down the main interstate going into Fairbanks & they just turned off & we started riding in the huge drainage ditches There was already ATV tracks there Stopped at the Trails End BMW store due to they were having a post D2D cook out, I ended up buying a new jacket & they shipped my old one home for me
It was a nice chill day, just Hung out with Justin & Parrish. Parrish gave me a small dry sack for my clothes & the rest of my journey! We all ate dinner together & I crashed at Justin's pad.

200mi day
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