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Originally Posted by Scotty4x4 View Post
I don't think it so much to do with the tread. More that the tyre and tubes weigh more than the standard tubes and tourances, so when I get moving the rolling mass is more on each wheel is heavier to take of the straight line. I will get use to it. Just surprised how much the difference is.
When I said "roll over" I meant how easily the tyre leans in to a corner, not rolling resistance to get it moving, sorry I should have chosen my wording better.

The squarer profile of the K60 means it will sit at right angles to the road more naturally and therefore takes more effort to get it to transition to leaning in a corner (I've heard riders commenting on how they feel different to corner with).

Both the Mitas and the Mefo have a rounder profile and lean over very easily on corners.

You should not feel any difference in getting a tubed tyre rolling from standstill compared to a tubeless if the tyre pressures are correct.
It would take some very sophisticated equipment to detect the extra force required to overcome the added inert mass of the tube.

The Heidenau K60 is highly regarded among Stommers and others among the bigger dual sport bike riders.

They are really at the top of the tree for adventure touring, good choice Scott.
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