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Day 10 Dalton Hwy!

June 25

It was go time this morning, Justin had to work this day, but wanted to ride with me & see me off. We rode up the very beginning of the Hwy. We ate breakfast at some famous place known for their pies, its in the milepost. A trucker commented on the bikes, we told him I was taking the hwy all the way up. He asked if I brought a fishing pole with, I said "no" and he said "thats lame", Justin started to laugh, and said "he just called you lame!", we all started laughing, the trucker was cool & just wanted to talk to us.
At D2D I was taught the proper method to overtake trucks, on this Hwy(& the Dempster) in particular, trucks will typically drive right down the middle of the hwy & are not really worried what is going on behind them, when you come up on a truck, stay left of the truck so they see your headlamp as you ride up on them, this may take several seconds, but once they see you, they will move to the right to give you room & let you by. This worked everytime for me! If you just squeeze by & blow by a truck, they can get pissy.
This is my Dalton Run
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