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Day 10 Dalton Hwy!

June 25

Famous photo #1
About to thrash my new BMW coat, awesome coat, full fore arm & back protection, waterproof!
came up on two guys with F800GS bikes with euro plates at this sign, 9am ish, there english wasn't very good, we all took photos of each other, left our helmets on because the mosquitos were BAD right here. Was gonna peel off & stick my "don't f*ck with Wisconsin" sticker to this sign, but now you can see they've added extensions to the sign & the thing was 10ft in the air.(*the RCMP was staring at that sticker when I got my ticket)

This is the fuel pump after the big wood paved bridge, that most people find to be out of fuel, before the arctic circle rest stop. Got fuel here but didn't need it. The guy on the trike was only going to the arctic circle rest stop & turning around.

famous photo #2, couldn't let go of my bike or it would have fallen over due to this was a slight hill. Nice couple took this one of me

Coldfoot Camp, restaurant/truckstop, lots of college kids stay up here in the summer

brand new Triumph 800, guy rode here from Florida! rode with him for a while but the katoom needed to stretch her legs after awhile

Atigun Pass
elev 4700ft

my fav, was cool & damp up there, all day up to this point was 50f, now dipping down into the upper forties range

As soon as I descended on the northern side, rode in this for almost 2 hrs & it was now a solid 45f

there is a small stretch that is paved way up here somewhere with my aux tank to make the last 240mi leg. Katoom almost at the top of the world

famous photo#3, at the top of Alaska, it was 11 at night & no one was around. 37f outside now! Since it never gets dark, & was very chilly, decided to turn back for now, was not tired yet, was an amazing day so far & didn't want it to end yet.

todays ride so far from Fairbanks

My trip thus far, this is my exact route, approx 4200mi with the D2D poker run

covered in calcium chloride @ the Deadhorse pumps

this guy was just roaming around up there(again never looking at me). I saw a Muskox as well on my way up but couldn't zoom in on it enough to make anything out.

heading south now, some random carnage

rode till almost 3 in the morning, came back through Atigun pass & the temperture went back into the mid forties
I must have rode 670-700mi I figure this day
"saddle up or shut up"
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