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Guys the project for the round of the world on Vespas is going well!
I attach a small conversation/interview we had with Nicolo from Vespbook, a blog for trips on Vespas, just to know us better...

Recently I had the chance to talk with Stergios and Thanos two crazy guys from Greece that came up with a really strange and nice idea..what about touring the world on our Vespa? Here is the account of our conversation!

So guys, tell me more about this world tour? It sounds like every Vespa traveller dream!
And ours dream, too! From the first ride on our Vespas we were dreaming of a round the world adventure. And as it seems the time has come!
How long do you think are you going to stay on the road?
There is no time pressure. We are both unemployed so we will stay on the road for as long our pocket lasts! With at least 3 years (1 in Africa, 1 in Asia, 1 in America) we'll be pleased!!!
What kind of Vespa will you ride?
Our everyday Vespas after a good service! They are a '03 PX200 and a '04 GTS250.
Did you make a rough estimate of the kms in a world tour?
After 5 minutes of Google Maps we saw that very roughly the kms of the trip we're planning to do will be at least 150.000!
Do you have a website and a Facebook page where we can follow you along the road?
Yes we have both. You can visit our website/blog here : and our facebook page here : We'll try to update them as often as possible with photos and mainly with many videos!

Did you already travel somewhere with your Vespa?
Our Vespa have travelled in almost all European countries. The longest trip we made is from Greece to Nordkapp, going up from Russia and coming back from Denmark (a circle round Europe) crossing 16 countries in 25 days, covering more than 11.000km! You can see all our past trips here :
Now that we got all the technical details for understanding your project, let's skip to the philosophical part. Why a world tour and above all why on a Vespa?
As we told before we were always thinking and dreaming of it! And with this economic situation here in Greece and almost in all Europe, the timing is perfect! Why on a Vespa? Because we have Vespa for many years, we love it's simplicity, because it's practical, comfortable and economic!
On Vespbook we have been talking about travelling Vespa for six months already and what I think it's great is the enthusiasm in the community about travelling with your Vespa, no matter if you are starting a world tour or riding in your backyard. What's in your opinion make different the Vespa traveller from the average motorcycle rider?
We don't think that the Vespa travellers are different from all the other motorcyclists. We (Vespa riders) don't have something less or something more. Maybe some cc's less, maybe a little more passion, but all people out there has one common feature...The love for meeting other people, for understanding the different cultures. The love for travelling!

I want to thank Stergios and Thanos for this interesting and inspiring report, and also for theirs enthusiasm. I would like to invite everyone to check their Facebook Page and Website! Hopefully we are going to meet them again...this time, on the road again!

That's the conversation...
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