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Yeah. I don't understand the shootouts between those bikes. Apples to oranges if you ask me, they should be comparing the CRF and KLX to the XT. There is not a bike on the market to compare to the WRR, sure a KTM, Husky, or Gas Gas could work them on the trail, but you aren't running one of those 26k between valve checks.

It's a big world outside of ADVrider, and the average guy is not buying a 250 dual sport to go ride the TAT, he's gonna be in flip flops running down to the store or commuting to work. Honda was wise to come in at the price point they did with the bike they did. It looks badass, performs well, has the Honda name, and when the average buyer is at the dealer looking at at $7000 WRR or a $4500 CRF, it's pretty obvious which way he is going to go.

The WR is a nice square peg to fit nice square holes, but not all holes are square. The round peg CRF and KLX will fill the same hole, just not as well. Yamaha has a good niche market with a bike that has Japanese reliability, but still can hang with the more finicky Euro bikes, and they can charge a premium for it. I think Honda recognized that and decided there were a lot more average joe type riders than there were Road of Bones guys.

All of that said, I would like to see a Japanese manufacturer come up with some real competition to the WRR to further drive innovation in the performance small bore dual sport class.
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