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Originally Posted by MurphCO View Post
I can understand to a point why it's expensive, in Hawaii I saw a couple of different tourists dump bikes before they even got off the rental lot, so I'm sure they spend a bit on repairs to keep the bikes on the road. Plus, no one wants to rent an old used bike, people want something shiny and new, same as rental cars you know? So you have maybe a year or two tops to make money with a bike before you sell it and have to buy a new one
All this talk of risk and repairs is missing the fact that rental companies typically make the renter pay for any damage. So it should not cost the rental co. any more if a careful rider returns the bike in pristine condition or someone else dumps it in the first 1/4 mile.

I do agree that bike rental rates appear to be very high and out of line with the costs involved. However, if it was THAT profitable, there would be more people doing it, more competition, and prices would fall. I can only assume, therefore, that for whatever reason, it really does cost much more to offer a bike for rent than a car.

In 2010, I rented a Weestrom in New Zealand for just under US$100/day for ten or twelve days. It was a few years old with over 60K miles but well maintained and gave me no trouble. I was perfectly happy with the bike. It was about double the cost of a car rental (not five times) but worth every penny. I don't understand why costs should be so much higher in the US.
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