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Originally Posted by ktmklx View Post
Very nice design work, fab skills and welding. One comment, it looks the the head pipes are touching each other. This could be a problem. Everything moves when the engine is running and under load, the pipes could rub and wear, also could make pretty loud noises as the tubes vibrate against each other.

Is the pipe set up the same as your other build?
Good point. They don't touch until the straight section along the left side of the engine. After I weld on the next section I can tack weld the straight sections together on the back side, that should keep anything from moving.

The pipe setup is a little different on this bike. On the first bike the left cylinder head pipe was the top pipe as seen from the left and the right cylinder was the bottom pipe. This arrangement interfered a lot with the left/front motor mount. On this bike I reversed it, left cylinder is bottom pipe, right is top. I also raised the frame side of that motor mount about an inch, and now there is no clearance issue. I can pull the exhaust without removing the motor mount.
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