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Originally Posted by Tim McKittrick View Post
..... The most awful color combo Buell ever came up with, I think.
It's worst feature is the box of rocks transmission-
Ha! Tim, I agree, that orange frame is an eyesore. These other guys must be nuts.
But I can’t agree on the transmission. My ‘96 S1 shifts great, even better than my 2006 Uly, no issues.
Years ago I bought one of those shift cam things from HD that are supposed to make it shift better but never even put it in. I think it cost me less than five bucks. I have never replaced the circlip & had the original one off once or twice.
Very low cost of small parts from HD is another plus for the Buell. Compared to the cost of parts for other brands it is a pleasant surprise.
Oh, yeah, the drive belt. Yes you do want to run it pretty loose.

Tim, it occurs to me that you or Don probably wouldn’t even have tuber Buells if I hadn’t let Don ride mine years ago. He gets off the bike & says, “This thing is a beast!”
Now he has two S3Ts.
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