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Originally Posted by Poweranger View Post
Here are few more build pics.

I installed a floor drain in the shop area before we poured the floor. Floor drains are ok by code here except that they must drain out in the open or be vented where ever they end up so gas or oil fumes can not build up. I do not plan on ever pouring gas down my floor drain so I didn't vent it.
How hard is it to vent that floor drain? What happens when you spill some gas, forget to shut the petcock when removing a gas tank, your kid is too lazy to properly dispose of the gas in the mower before winter etc.

I have found that when I don't do something because I don't plan on ever needing it, I usually want/need it later whith much greater expense (washer/dryer hookups in the basement, 220V in the garage, # of regular outlets in the garage, etc)

Someday I will have a shop like that. The deal with my wife is that after my military career, she can pick where we live as long as I get a shop the size of a three car garage.

ETA, I should finish a thread before I post. What the other guys said
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