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Originally Posted by kioti View Post
The S3 pegs are 2-1/4" forward and 1-3/4" lower than the X1's measured from the swing arm pivot hole.The S3T is much more comfy on longer rides.
+1 The S3 and M2 Cyclone share frames. My S3 purchase was AFTER the S1 and S2. The first time I climbed onto the S3, I tried to naturally find the footpeg from muscle memory (everything else felt familiar). The footpeg position was so different that it was weird. At that instant, I 'got it'. This was going to be my next sport tourer (had to justify buying a third Buell).

The only difference between the S3T and S3 is that it has taller bars (pretty sure they're from the Blast), saddelbags, fairing bags and fairing lowers. I have the fairing bags and saddlebags on mine, I don't care for lowers or the taller bars.
Originally Posted by EmptiMind View Post
I called Buell, and they said it had all recall work done already, was that showa not recalled for the 99 S3T?
There were two generations of Showa shock: the earlier 16.5" and the later 14". They had some failures on the 16.5" shocks and they came up with a safety containment loop thingy that clamped around the shock in case the shock eye failed. They were butt ugly. I would imagine that bike got it and somebody removed it.

When they ran out of 16.5" shocks, they started installing the 14" shocks from the factory and any remaining bikes got it for the 'recall'. Plenty of aftermarket replacements are available in both lengths.

The 16.5" Showa is rumored to be at risk for the eye breaking (hence, the steel safety loop added later). From posts on Badweb, nobody ever ACTUALLY had one fail but, the margin is questionable. I would probably start looking for an aftermarket or at least the 14" replacement Showa. Even if that shock were perfect, it will leak sooner or later.
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