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Originally Posted by Woodsrat View Post
Just to throw a wrench in our enthusiasm for this bike consider the fact that in stock form it's probably going to be a slug, requiring a shitload of aftermarket stuff to make it exciting to ride. (Priced Takegawa stuff lately??)

The other thing is all the ads and vids have shown the bike with Asians riding it who are usually pretty small people. The average American male is a pretty tall critter that may not fit on to these things. It'll work for me but I'm a runt.

Finally consider that for $1849 plus $130 shipping Pitster Pro sells a CT70/Dax style bike with a 125cc manual clutch four-speed motor with 12" wheels ( For under two grand you'll have a bike that, unless I miss my guess, will not only perform as well as this bike but give you some financial room to build it as you see fit. Yeah, it's old fashioned styling-wise but underneath the flash of the new Honda is the same old horizontal engine they've been building since the earth cooled and in a walk around in one of the videos you can see they put an elcheapo shock on it. Wonder what other components have been cheapened up???

Understand that if Honda does bring these into the U. S. and can sell 'em for under three grand I'll probably buy one but now that I've had a chance to catch my breath and carefully study the on-line information about it the bike may not be as cool as we think it is.

As far as the performance of the bike, it is what it is. It's not necessary to have 0-60 times of a GSXR.

As far as the Pitster Pro, I worked for a dealer that sold the SkyTeam line(exact same Chinese manufacturer) and the quality was bad. Bike had tranny issues, kick starter components broke on one of the CT-70 copies, the chrome finishes rusted.

You get what you pay for. I'd spring for the Honda product.
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