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Originally Posted by GodSilla View Post
+1. I use one of his bashplates and I have field tested the crash protection too. I still have my foot, so it works.

Tip: I put some holes in the front of mine to aid airflow around the crankcases for those hot Aussie summer days, it made a big difference.

Tip 2: If you have long feet, mention your boot sized when ordering, otherwise you might end up annoyed at scraping the back of the toolboxes with your boot all day long.

They are good kit, and protect the fuel taps too.
Sound good....although I didnt suffer any over heating at all on my 640 in death valley last september. Think it got to 43c!! Stupid heat!! It appreciated the oil change after mind!!

Well I'm going to keep the orange beast so any clever bits of kit to keep it straight(ish) I'll be interested in!


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