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Went to a local Wally World on the off chance they might have some pistol ammo...and a long held suspicion was confirmed. While they had some, they have placed a 3 box limit on ammunition purchases. They did this because a local gun--the largest private gun seller in the area--store was sending employees into walmarts and cleaning them out of 9mm, .40, .45, .223 & .308...then they were marking up prices & reselling.The 9mm HP ammo Wal mart sold for 13.97 per 20 (I think)...they were marking up $10.00.

This same store was selling $15.00 Pmags for $60.00 I knew the owner was a douche, but he certainly won't be getting my money ever again. I'll jump on the KLR and travel to Columbia to PSA, or to one of the other local shops from now on. Not saying that people aren't stupid for freaking out and buying everything in sight, but to buy up all the reasonably priced ammo and stick it to everyone is just low.

Picked up some buckshot and 2 boxes of Winchester white box .40 jhp.
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