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Originally Posted by Landro View Post
Ok, so I'm one of those folks who places an order and THEN starts reading the rest of the thread and looking at other stuff on the ADVMonster website....

I just placed an order for two M61's and a Wireless dimmer. Then I started looking for info on the dimmer. How come nobody seems to use them? Everybody is showing off their rotary dimmer switch. I would have thought a solid state, fully encased dimmer would be more durable then an exposed mechanical switch. Plus it's cheaper (not that either system is unreasonably priced) Did I make the wrong decision for my dualsport?

While I'm at it, what does the wireless dimmer get me? Are the dimmer levels pre-set or infinitely adjustable? There looks like an on-off switch on the fob; is that so? Or do I have to hook into a keyed hot wire (or separate switch)?

And how about those lens protectors; do they fit the new lights?

And since I'm here, any pics or suggestions for mounts on a new gen KLR? The huge amount of unsupported plastic on the bike covers or obstructs most good hard points. The Twisted Throttle windshield mount is super fugly (although I understand why, see previous sentence). I have Givi crash bars, but I, uh... crash a bit and would like the lights to survive. The fork reflector points also seem very exposed. So far, Two Headlight Ernie's upper fork brackets seem the best option, but I'm open to other suggestions . Especially cheap KLR ones...

Thanks for a reasonably priced and apparently high quality product John. I look forward to receiving them.
Can't help with your mounts, but I'll comment on the dimmer as I have both. I'll qualify my comments as both my installs are on street bikes.
The wireless dimmer is a much larger unit that has to be mounted and wired. The key fob is neat, offers infinite levels of light and does have an on/off switch. If you wire the unit to battery power you will have to remember to turn the lights off.
The rotary dimmer is just much smaller and easier to mount, and provides the same function regarding light levels. It also won't need a battery at some point in the future.
Both units go to full power with the high beam.
I have discovered that once I found a dimmed level that I was happy with, I don't adjust the dimmer anymore. The key fob lives in the depths of my tankbag. The rotary dimmer is mounted with sticky velcro on the frame steering neck, just in front of my tank, accessible but out of the way.
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