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Originally Posted by tjinkins View Post
Thanks JD,
I am not too worried about height as I am tall. I am leaning toward the DRZ front end, but I also see alot of KLX 300 forks available. I don't know if the 300 front end would be beefy enough for a 400 # bike. What do you think?

the KLX300 forks are plentiful and cheap because they're only 43mm, outdated by current standards when all the manufactures went to larger diameter inners. the KLX also used a small diameter axle, might have been only 15mm.

46mm would be the smallest i would fool with, and you should have a good selection of 48mm forks in your price range too.

the effort and expense is the same, might as well go big.

several good writeups by builders using late model USD forks, ktmklx for instance.

i wish some dude with crazy search skills would find the source for these bar mounts that fit the Versys top clamp.

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