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As an experienced user of a battery isolator, would you have a link to a product that you think would work well on a sidecar rig? I'm thinking something smaller and more compact than maybe what you might choose for an RV.[/QUOTE]

I was talking to welder electrical tech this AM he says isolators are unnecessary for our application as we don't have enough load,RV frigs, inverters running amps so you can practice playing you telecaster for Kirby or a microwave, all that stuff eats power.An LED reading light for your tent or radio isn't going to take much. But if one has to have one the switches are better than the diode setup I found earlier as there is usually a .4-.6 V drop across the diode and motorcycles never really have more than enough.Meaning if ones got allot of stuff running and the regulators holding 13.6 one doesn't want to loose any of that.DB
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