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Soooo.... spent the whole day chasing the fuse blowing problem....not good!

I couldn't figure it out and took everything apart I had done the day before and pretty much gave up and called a friend that is a electrician. He checked everything that I had done and all was fine but I still had an issue with the line to the fan, because he did not do the work he started checking every wire for continuity or grounding and of course I ran 4 wires to every point. Well after an hr of checking he said the hot line to the fan must be grounding to the frame some where so we cut it up top( after tearing everything apart I had just done and taking apart the fan) by the fan and ran a jumper wire up and it worked with no short!

So now I had to get a power line up to the fan ( which I did check to make sure it worked before I put the ceiling and walls up) but luckily I had put 4 wires to all points when wiring (except the fan of course)so had a spare in the cabinet which I was able to now I am back to building not fixing!!!!!
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