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Originally Posted by BogeyMan View Post
I recently replaced my fuel injector due to hard-start issues and also added to little in-line filter that KTM includes in the new part.

BUT, there's many references to this tiny little filter getting clogged up itself, so in anticipation of that eventuality, I purchased the Golan mini-filter (which is not as "mini" as the KTM inline one, but flows better and is less likely to clog).

Image #1
Image #2

I know some of you have added an inline filter - so this question is for you... Whereabouts did you end up installing it? Closer to the tank or closer to the injector end? How tight is space after installing? Any helpful tips or images?
I ended up installing mine on the pump side of the connector. Not ideal as the filter is not between the connector and injector. However, (as someone already mentioned) there is not a lot of room on the injector side of the connector and I was worried about kinking the line.

Hope that helps.

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