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Originally Posted by frostyuk View Post
You may remember a few months ago i was looking at moving my headlight/mask forward to give a bit more room for my hdb computer protector and fuzeblock. At the time LukasM showed us a prototype relocation kit from Paul at HDB, and since then i have been in communication with Paul about this.


However Paul has abandoned the version that Lukas showed us in favour of a more generic solution that he can use for his rally lite fairing and the more common KTM headlight/mask ( i wont steal LukasM thunder about the rally lite fairing ;) )

Anyway whilst discussing with Paul i realised that the kit Paul had made up wouldnt work with most of the bergs as it was based on moving the locating pins forward for the headlight/mask to mount on, this is for the later 570s which have the ktm mask/light combination that doesnt use a fender brace. For the fender brace version the headlight doesnt use the fender locator pins but a tab on the fender brace which also acts as the point for the headlight adjuster.

Now it may be that the only thing i need to do is to tilt the top of the mask forward but i think i will need to move the whole fender brace forward as well to get the space i want. Anyway i think this can be done with a "simple" plate that bolts to the top of the triple clamp (where the brace fits currently) rather than under the triple clamp and fancy bending, and provide some holes to mount the fender brace further forward (plus some locator pegs and a new hole in the fender for the front of the brace (but thats another story). Paul is kindly donating to me some bits from the abandoned kit he was making, to help me start on this and a local friend Gabe from Zen Overland who preps RTW bikes has said he can help me out with the metalwork. The question is is anyone else interested in a kit if i can get something made up? we're looking at a couple of months plus by the time the bits get to me from Paul and Gabe and i work something out. If you are can you pm me rather than filling up the thread and then Gabe can work out a rough cost based on numbers, i cant see that many being interested but i thought i'd ask

Would one of the KTM roadbook carriers work for you?
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