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I started researching online as I was thinking of buying a first gen SRX as our family back up car. Holy crap, there are a ton of issues with those things.

A customer of mine drops a huge pile of cash for a new Caddy performance sedan a few years back, (I don't know what the model # is, to be honest I just couldn't give a shit). Anyway, the car is a total piece of shit, ends up at the dealer dozens of times, generates over $8K in warranty work, and eats tires until the day he trades it in. He then gets the exact same POS as a 2013 version. This one was $40K and his trade. I think he might be retarded? Another friend buys a "program car" , a three year old, mid-sized suv with 20K miles on it. His wife spends weeks at a time driving the Caddy dealer's loaner as they attempt to repair the seeming endless engine issues. The car had major problems at least 6-8 times in the short time he owned it. He then dumps the car back to the dealer with less than 100 miles left on the warranty. The dealer confides that his car is one of the worst they have seen in years. I would say that your description of a "ton of issues" might be a bit too kind. More like total shit that I wouldn't waste a dime on.

I don't think that this applies to the OP's ride, it's a lot older and bigger than the turdmobiles I am speaking of. I started my career in commercial and heavy construction almost thirty years ago. Back then it was pretty common for tradesmen to have big old boats for work vehicles. I know of a few who did service work out of the giant station wagons of the day.
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