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Yet another camera question thread

I am now using a 5 year old Canon Powershot G10 for both above and under water shooting and I love it. Love the ease of use, small size, high quality images, long battery life and the relatively low buy in cost. What I don't like is the low def video's,and v-e-r-y s-l-o-w shutter speed. It's almost impossible to shoot a moving object even on the "sports" setting unless you can time it just right. I've been looking to upgrade to the G15 model but not sure that I want to spend another 1000 bucks ( 500 for camera + 500 for UW housing since the 15 is slightly different size) to just upgrade those two features. I've seen video's and pictures shot from the Cannon 5D and I was amazed at the quality as well as the astronomic price tag.

So my questions to the collective are;
Is there a camera that is as fast & will produce a very high quality image like the 5D that does not cost over 2 grand and is as portable as the G series?

If not should I just keep my G10 and upgrade to the 15?

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