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Silly me I guess, I just have multiple memory cards. Some as small as 4G some as high as 32G.

I have them numbered on the back in Sharpie marker, 1, 2, 3, etc., you get the idea.

Works for me.

I do carry a Netbook on my bike if I travel out of state, but mostly so I have something to do if I get rained out, and end up in a coffee shop for the day. I have my Netbook rigged with PhotoShop, and sometimes I will load some pics and choose a couple to start manipulating to pass the time.

I do realize there are "modern" ways of doing this, so call me old school. I worked 30+ years in an area of photography where one could not possibly go back and "re do" images. When digital came about, I saw people whom chose to fumble in the field to clear their "cards". I also saw people space out images, damage files during transfer, etc.. It also violated the chain of evidence in my application, so it was a general no-no.

In the end, I just carry multiple cards and have a little case they get protected in. I am not so vain that I must send pics home before I return home. Mostly, there is no one at home to see them anyway. For those that think they need to shoot in raw, Ken Rockwell will tell you that for most of us, it's silly.

Great topic just the same you guys, one of those no right or wrong answer things, so I don't mean to start a war.

But I indeed used to finish them
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