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I loved my G10, but it wasn't built for the rigors of field work in Africa; two years after buying it the lens retracting mechanism failed. I now own a Canon SX40 HS (dry season) and a Nikon AW100 (rainy season).

An important thing to know about Canons is that they can be hacked! Check out the canon hack development kit (CHKD) :

Every model has its own firmware enhancement that you load onto your memory card, lock the card and the software runs, which allows you to change the specs of your camera drastically, turning a compact or point-and-shoot into a far more capable camera. If you don't like it, unlock the card and you're back to stock. I didn't know about it when I had my G10, but it's made my SX40 a lot more versatile.

I'd say if your G10 is still functioning fine, try experimenting with CHDK.
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