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Another question oh wise ones on the forum: does removing the plug from that screw under the carb (not sure what that screw is called or what it does) and adjusting that screw have any effect on cold-bloodedness? I've started riding the bike with the temps in the 40's and realize just how bad the bike is compared to my other bikes. I really don't want to re-jet it, I re-jetted a Suzuki Bandit years ago and mucked it up such that the bike never ran right afterwards. I finally fixed it by trading the bike in for a different one, but I learned my lesson. I've seen references to tilting the carb for access to that plug, and wonder if the throttle cable needs to be dis-connected from the carb so the carb can be rotated. TIA

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Yes it is cold blooded. It's a 4 stroke with 80's technology. It will not run right when it is cold with stock jetting. There really is not a way around it. Mine runs perfect at any temperature because I have the jet kit. It is really easy to install and theoretically should run perfect after that. The jet kit will give you instructions on how to set everything.
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