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Originally Posted by anotherguy View Post
I've found that many new products are crap. Junk that I'm tired of being force fed because profit has become the end all and be all of business in the USA. So I seek out old stuff that I can repair or have repaired.

Like right now if anyone has a genyouine Made in Sweden Svea 123 they'd like to part with (resonable $$) PM me.
I don't have a 123, but I have a No.1 in pretty good condition, refurbished by a pro, and an unused Primus Hunter... Not selling them though!

Seriously though, I've bought most of my old stuff online: American Ebay for the axes, which are all from the US, save a metal-detector-found WW2 Collins, and a Dutch version of Ebay called Marktplaats for most of my stoves, save a couple of flea market finds.

I bought 2 Svea No 1's, a similar Primus model and the unused Hunter in a bulk buy, and the owner threw in a bonus stove (which turned out to be the rare, legendary and truly awesome Borde Bomb) for about $100. Got an acquaintance who refurbishes stoves and lanterns for a living to check and replace all washers and pumps and so on, for the price of one of the Sveas.

Quite a lot of people are ditching their old school camping stuff for new ultralight gear, and while some of them have seriously inflated ideas about the value of old, used gear, some great deals are to be had. I think I paid $15+20 shipping for that beautiful little hatchet in my post up there. It's all a matter of patience and luck (and occasional sniping Ebay auctions...)

This is what is currently to be found if I search for Primus on Marktplaats: (including a Juwel, which is close to the 123)
Ebay search for Svea 123:

Bear in mind the 123 is a fairly popular model, and is actually still made, by Optimus (just like the Hunter).
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