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Originally Posted by Codyp1814 View Post
Yes it is cold blooded. It's a 4 stroke with 80's technology. It will not run right when it is cold with stock jetting. There really is not a way around it. Mine runs perfect at any temperature because I have the jet kit. It is really easy to install and theoretically should run perfect after that. The jet kit will give you instructions on how to set everything.
I can only speak for my DR....yes ...little suzi is cold blooded!!! I did the air-screw mod two years ago after getting frustrated with its cold start performance and WOW what a difference it made. I can now start the 200 at around the 40f mark with no choke and no crack of the throttle with completely stock 2001 jetting. below 40f i only need partial choke. Once i hit 32f i have to use full choke and 30 seconds worth to get it warmed it enough to idle on its own. i think i have it set at around 2-3 turns out on the air/fuel screw. Haven't had to reset it since then!!
If you're gonna do the mod...a word of warning...don't use a dry-wall screw to try and pull the brass plug out. my first attempt ended with the tip of the screw snapping off in the plug. then i had to match the plug size with a drill bit and bore it out the rest of the way. also don't drill too far past the run the risk of ruining the flat tip slot on the factory screw....which will render all of your efforts fruitless! good luck!!!

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