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I'd look away. But if you really want to look, a long fluorescent tube/straight edge along the real wheel up to the front, do that on both sides with steering centered should give you clues at to where there can be twists or deflections.

Some bikes have the rear wheel offset to the front so you may have to compensate for that but still the possibly running on the side would bother me. Bought a bike where that happened a couple years back, not even ever crashed and that running on the side didn't do much good to the engine. Not worth fixing that one.

There is such a crashed bike up this way at the tow yard. 96(?)ST Honda for $800.00 or less.Apparently low speed and only the plastics. I haven't seen it but my buddy has. We may have time to go look at it this week and bring the straight edge and of course engine diagnostics tools.

Now apparently there was a police report on that ST so maybe some photos to give us more clues as to what really happened to the bike. If there was such a report for that FZ....well you can ask the owner about that, you may get more details.
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