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Originally Posted by davsato View Post
nope it was very clear, def a garand, full stock and very distinctive forend, BAR totally different. could you pull the trigger fast enough on an M1 to LOOK like its full auto? selective fire T20 came out in 1944, did any see service?
It's possible to bump fire any semi-auto weapon to simulate full auto fire. It's all in the way the gun is held so it oscillates back and forth and trips the trigger as it comes forward out of recoil. The only other way one could get full auto would be to do a bit of unauthorized work on the trigger assembly. There were probably enough Garands lying around that someone could swipe a second trigger assembly and modify it, then swap back and forth.

I seriously doubt that any experimental T series weapons ever made it into the war. General Hatcher in his books never mentioned it, and he was the one who would have known and authorized it.

In the end, the M14 was uncontrollable in full auto, even with the straight line stock they came up with. The BAR was quite a bit heavier and easier to control. I had the opportunity to fire one full auto in the service once.
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