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I started with this I got from one of Drones Firecrest neighbors, I don't think he knew allot more about it than I did, I asked had it been professionally installed he said yes.Parade rig only went straight of course it had 20" of wheel lead .

I tried just adding a Steerite it was only marginally better, I talked to Brock and paid another sidecar guy in IA to remount it, It was better it only had about 11-12 " of lead and was doable but he liked allot of lean out and I kept falling off the saddle.Welder buddy and I didn't have enough to do for a bit Brock and Claude gave me some advice and walla we cut the mounts off reattached and it was down to 9 " lead and was a very usable sidecar, big battery in the trunk 18" wheel on chair and front, bumpers PIAA's, better upholstery, headlight in a relay circuit and power plugs and aux fuse block in faux tank via E Beaver, drilled brake rotors and steel lines it stopped as good as my BMW's.If it would have been easy to add ground clearance I would still have it those old wings hang on like grim death.DB

Just not enough ground clearance for wet spring roads we had just dragged the sump through a wet frost pocket hole.
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