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can't keep up?


Part of the decision to buy the nc700x was that I thought the horsepower was a decent match for my wife's vstar 950. I thought she would be able to keep up. Not the case. The low end torque and DCT shift through the gears so fast I just leave her in the dust without much thinking about it. Seeing how well the DCT works for me she now wants to trade her bike for a maxi scooter. I'm hoping I can talk her into one of these instead.[/QUOTE]

In the 70's I had a RD350 and my girlfriend had a CB160. One day she just wasn't keeping up and I offered to swap bikes so she could. Nope, she couldn't keep up on the 350m either!! You are overlooking the fact that your wife rides her own ride. There is a lady in my bike club that rides a Vstar 950, I ride a Honda Silverwing 600. She can't keep up. She rides her own ride. It's not the bikes!! BTW why wouldn't you want her to have a "maxi scooter" she would probably really enjoy it, and you don't have to ride it. I ride with a lot of much bigger bikes, and I try to drive slow so they can keep up.
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