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Great original post.

I am the first KLR pilot here?

I went with Sanjoh's ADV Monster lights. The single beam version, I keep em pointed downward slightly.
Could not believe how pale and yellow my stock headlight is in comparison (even on high beam).

When I am watching for deer, wolves or MOOSE in my state, I want all the bonus points I can have access to.

No dimmer, just went with my favorite ten dollar handlebar mounted switch that is GREAT.

Pay the extra for the heavy duty bracket that Sanjoh sells, it's great.

Link to switch below.

On a second gen KLR, there is a sweet spot just inside the lower fairings, right where it comes to sort of a point in the plastic, right INSIDE or behind that area. I took my lowers off and scuffed the area with sandpaper and degreased it. I had lathe access then, and I turned some aluminum "discs" and tapped them 1/4 = 20 (material just under 1/2 inch thick).

I used JB Weld and "stuck" the discs into that sweet spot. I put the bike back together and used a Allen head stainless bolt through Sanjoh's bracket into my aluminum round discs. I had custom ground the bolts so they could not pop out the sides of my lower shrouds.... you could replicate this with some square material as well, as long as it's thick enough to drill and tap. Make sure your bolts ain't too long!

Worked for me. They are tucked out of the way, and it's hard to see how they are mounted . Lots of people ask how I mounted them when they see the bike.

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