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Brown v. Black

Originally Posted by Merlin III View Post
Spot on! I agree, game officials have conflicting motivations in cases like this. There are wolves in Northern Maine. The State and Fed deny this. About ten years ago, a hunter and guide shot a coyote. After viewing it up close, they had their doubts. They took it to the State lab and had it tested. It was a wolf. The Fed fined them 10,000 dollars and to this day still denies that there are wolves in Maine. The same applies to Mountain Lions.
$10K for the wolf? Feds have a thing called the McKittrick policy. Look it up. Assuming the facts are as stated feds would not normally go after someone for those facts. Unfortunately the locals sometimes don't get the memo. Maine still insists mountain lions went extinct there in the 40s. I have a photo of a dead one from a roadside in the 60s. As for guns- Bullets will bounce off a brown bear skull. Only firearm I used to carry for them in AK was a sawed off shotgun with double aught buckshot interspersed with slugs. I gave up on that in the 80s and carried only bear spray for years. Never had a problem. But the advice about cooking is very good. Especially changing clothes. The best idea listed here was cook early and drive down the road for camping. I've heard of brownies going down from a .357 but that was a shot in the mouth. Black bears are scarier than browns, they will eat people for food. Brownies tend to attack for defensive purposes only. Don't surprise them and if you smell something really disgusting it's probably a kill site and get away fast. They protect their kills (after they pee all over it). Guy and a women got it 3 miles from my house in Anchorage, just out for a run. Finally, polar bears are the worst if you're way up in the arctic. Unlikely on a bike. People I know who run rivers up there use a bear fence. It's an electrically charged fence you put up around your tent site. Here is a link. Thing weighs under 4lbs. with the battery. Maybe you could power it from your bike's battery and save some weight.

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