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Originally Posted by SJktmRider View Post
with it set up to creep like you have it will it stall if you slam on the brakes? or if you stay still while its in gear will it stall?
I am about to get a rekluse exp as well. just curious if you have engine breaking at all

i did not stall the bike once. with about 25 miles of single track locking up the rear all the time and never stalled it. it just creeps a little. i can start the bike no problem in gear and it does not stall when i put it in gear. engine breaking is different, it will take me and you a little bit to get use to. i found just blip the throttle a little and it will kick in.

also i noticed on the highway 25-45mph with a steady hand on the throttle there was a ever so slight bit of lunging or something around that. i am trying to find the right word to describe what i am talking about. forward and back feeling.

it might do it at all speeds i dont know i that was just my range of speed on the road. how ever on the mile long drive way i can go from 0-80 all 6 gears and i dont feel nothing but the pull from the beastie 500

anyone with the rekluse have that?
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