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Originally Posted by S/W View Post

In the 70's I had a RD350 and my girlfriend had a CB160. One day she just wasn't keeping up and I offered to swap bikes so she could. Nope, she couldn't keep up on the 350m either!! You are overlooking the fact that your wife rides her own ride. There is a lady in my bike club that rides a Vstar 950, I ride a Honda Silverwing 600. She can't keep up. She rides her own ride. It's not the bikes!! BTW why wouldn't you want her to have a "maxi scooter" she would probably really enjoy it, and you don't have to ride it. I ride with a lot of much bigger bikes, and I try to drive slow so they can keep up.
I think that the M/C industry have been doing the "mines bigger than yours thing" for a long time now.

Initially it probably made sense as far as being able to cover ground at a reasonable speed. After a while that reasonable speed became a bit silly. Not content with that it then had to become really silly and after a while it went insane.

I remember going to "top fuel" drag meets in the 70's that weren't getting much better times than the latest sport bikes.

I suppose along the way, more and more people just decided that it was all a bit scary, while some people just got addicted to the adrenalin hit.

SO anyway it seems to me that Honda may be responding to the halving of sales in the States the quadrupling of petrol prices and are thinking that maybe some people may appreciate a bike that is not ridiculous in either power or total chrome mass.

They release a bike that gets about 300HP per ton, which is up there with muscle cars and big MPG when ridden reasonably. The average person is going to think that is pretty fast.
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