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Another update, although no forward progress has been made. If you look at the last set of pics you'll see where I tacked the back half of the tank to the front? Well, I thought I was getting along well enough with my welder to give it a go. I still can't get pretty beads consistently on the this stuff, but I figured this part was going to get ground down smooth anyways so what could it hurt?

It became painfully obvious that my welder coupled with my (lack) of skills is not going to work for this project. My welder only goes down to about 30 amps. I think thats about the max I want to start, and then it needs to drop to maybe half that.

I'm embarrassed to post these but here you go anyways. If you look really close you can see a crack at the back edge of the weld where I ground through trying to get it flat. I didn't take any pics of the underside but there are some huge nasty boogers hanging off the inside from piling the filler in to keep from blowing holes. Yuck.

I tried a couple of corners too. They turned out okay, but still have the nasty boogers inside from too much rod.

Oh well... hack the back part off just in front of the weld and start over. I'm *almost* back to where I was.


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