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I bought a wrecked FZ1 from an inmate here a few years ago. Turned it into one of my favorite bikes. The stock frame was bent slightly where the subframe meets the main frame. There was plenty of other damage as well, mainly cosmetic and the wheels etc.

I paid $1500, and it came with a clean 2nd frame, plenty of newish used plastic. Bike had 5000 miles i think and ran (and runs) perfectly. These have a tip over sensor so personally I wouldn't worry about it.

But again it comes back to what you can go get one for without damage. They are for sale for $2500 all the time, just might need to travel a little. Buying forks, wheels, plastic and everything else to put it back to good working shape might cost you more than getting another. That didn't factor into my buying decision because I knew I wasn't going to be using stock parts.

As another guess on value, I bought a 2007 Ninja 650 that was badly wrecked, forks snapped off, front wheel toast, all plastics gone with 12k on it for $350 from an auction. The fees took it to $560 out the door.

Throw some pics up for us to see hard to guess based on your description.
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