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Originally Posted by Tripped1 View Post
Just change the left switch out with a dirtbike switch (a lot of Harleys have 1" bars vice the 7/8" you find on japanese bikes)

You'll have to rewire but that shouldn't be that complicated.
I believe the Harley will be one inch (1") handle bars and that some new-ish big-ish metric cruisers also use the "fat" 1 inch bars instead of the usual Japanese 7/8". Do some reading and see if this is true for more than the one example I could quickly find ("Honda Shadow ACE" - seems to confirm this).

I think newer Harleys may have more complex switch wiring that the pre-1990 stuff that I have played with. Notably, there maybe special things like turning on hazards (push both left & right at the same time?) that won't work with the new single switch setup and require some thinking.

Good luck!
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