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Originally Posted by msells View Post
I believe the Harley will be one inch (1") handle bars and that some new-ish big-ish metric cruisers also use the "fat" 1 inch bars instead of the usual Japanese 7/8". Do some reading and see if this is true for more than the one example I could quickly find ("Honda Shadow ACE" - seems to confirm this).

I think newer Harleys may have more complex switch wiring that the pre-1990 stuff that I have played with. Notably, there maybe special things like turning on hazards (push both left & right at the same time?) that won't work with the new single switch setup and require some thinking.

Good luck!

Like I said a switch is a switch, if there are enough poles it doesn't matter, its just how its wired up.

.....of course Harley copyrights their manuals so I don't know off the top of my head, but assuming they are momentary action single pole single throw, you get a double throw/double pole and holding it down would be the turn signal activation.

Most single switches are double pole double throw, two wires per side and the hold down grounds it. At worst you have to putz around with the relay. Right now my Speed Triple has a trailer turn signal relay because I'll be damned if I was going to pay Triumph $75 + shipping for a damn signal relay, I'll pay autozone $13

Anyone have a service manual and a know how to read a scat?
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