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Question trying to make some decisions about touring

Hi guys and gals.

I have a minor problem. I originally was trying to decide whether to do the dolling up on my CB650C (1981) for my wife and I to do 2-up with, or whether the 650 is big enough to handle us both with modifications (but I am thinking the mods might cost more than the bigger bike, assuming I get a used bike for the touring as well).

Now, to be clear, I weigh about 280 at the moment, and she is at close to 300 and dropping as well, so we are talking about some weight here. We are both at 6 ft tall or more, so we are not tiny by any warpage of imagination. To make the process work, I would have to probably install a different seat, and I don't know about the pressure the swingarm on this bike will accomodate, nor what the shocks are going to do. I am strongly leaning to getting a bigger bike for those combination days and just making this my commuter bike. I know I don't want a massive bike to commute with, but I also know that we are not going to tour every weekend either, so the bigger bike will have limited use most likely. I am considering getting a 1970's-1980's Gold Wing or some such, but I hear they are a beast to work on, and that there are not a lot of folks that know or desire to work on them if issues are larger than what I can deal with or require specialized (read "expensive") tools. Below is the current status of my 650, but wash the bike and subtract the windshield (as I broke it the other day. I am considering replacing it or using the Windjammer I have, but that is still up in the air). The 650 is my first bike, and I have only ever been a passenger on a 'Wing. I additionally understand I need more time on the road before taking a passenger anyplace at all, regardless of WHAT it is on.

What I am wondering is if the older Gold Wing bikes (or any of the older touring size bikes with our weight situation in mind) are really that hard to deal with or if it is more just some people complaining because they keep leaving fuel in tanks and not servicing their bikes. Thoughts or opinions on this dilemma are most welcome!
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