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R1200R: Which years for non-servo brakes, and reliable final drive?

I'm getting more serious about getting second bike and the R1200R has been on my list.

I've ridden a Rockster which I mostly liked, and the things I didn't I think are fixed on the 1200. Remaining issues for me:
1. I don't want servo brakes. Which years have them, and how can I tell by looking at or riding the bike?
2. I know there are some BMW years to avoid w.r.t. final drive, but I don't know which. Harder to service, more prone to fail.
3. Don't like the idea of service requiring many specialty tools, but I guess I'll have to get over that?

I expect to like the power, handling and ergos of all years. The sound too, though some say later models are better?
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